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Book your spot today and Head West on a local fishing adventure.


A town founded on fishing

We are based out of Sarasota, FL. A town that was once a sleeping fishing village that has bloomed into a contemporary area with some of the best dining and hotels in South Florida. Siesta Key beach, located in Sarasota has been constantly ranked one of the top beaches in the world, being named the #1 beach in the US in 2011 and 2017.

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This is not your average fishing charter we go harder and farther than most charters!  The type of experience you can expect when you start heading west is like no other; all that is expected of our clients is to show up ready to fish with any food and drinks for the day that they desire. Heading West is an all inclusive charter and our 36 Contender is rigged and ready to fish! The client will be given a time to be picked up at Hart’s Landing, located under the famous Ringling Bridge where plenty of parking is provided. If you happen to forget something, Hart’s Bait Shop is a perfect last stop before you come aboard!


Heading West is a true deep offshore charter that targets anything from pelagics, middle column fish such as Amber Jack to deep water grouper, snapper and much, much more. With over 200 different species caught on this boat our captain will target whatever you would like on your dinner table that night.

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